Football twink abused by army guys

football twink abused by army guys

A young footballing twink is grabbed by soldiers, handcuffed and face fucked in our set today from Gay Wargames.  Cute young twink Yanni was playing football before being grabbed for use as a sex toy by the officers.  The boy is handcuffed and roughly abused by the soldiers before being stripped.  Putting the boy over his knee, the officer spanks his ass to instill a bit of much needed discipline in the boy, and to show him that refusing the soldiers sexual demands is futile.  After jamming his face into his bulge, the officer unzips and forces the boys mouth onto his cock, driving it deep into the boys throat making him gag.  The boy is then grabbed by the other officer who skull fucks him before turning him over, spreading his cheeks and inspecting his tight ass for fucking potential…it will be a long day for this young twink.


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Army recruit socks cock

army recruit sucks his examiners cock

A genital exam turns into a lengthy cock sucking session with his corporal for new recruit Bobby in our set today from College Boys Physicals.  Bobby is the new recruit and is visiting the doctors office in order to be classified fit for duty.  The tough corporal looks on as the new boys body is poked and prodded by the doctor.  Groping his stiffening cock through his trousers, the corporal takes extra interest as Bobbys cock is checked by the doctor.  Unzipping, the army man pushes his cock into Bobbys mouth to see what reaction he gets.  As the boy starts giving him a proper blow job the man looks pleased with the new boys dick sucking skills.  Pulling the rest of the boys clothes off, the doctors starts an anal exam, probing the boys hole, as the corporal gets to work on his cock.


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Cute twink humiliated by school mistress

cute boy humiliated by females

A cute young twink is humiliated and fucked with a strp on by his school mistress in our set today from Clothed Female Naked Male.  Cute young schoolboy Todd is playing up in class and so gets instructed by his school mistress to stay behind for detention.  Once alone, she calls the boy to the front of class and pulls his jacket off, before stripping his clothed from him completely. Naked and ashamed in front of the women, they amuse theyselves by making him sit doggy style on a table, while admiring his tight young body.  As the school mistress digs her stilletoes into the boys balls, she notices that he can’t help getting hard.  Bending the boy over the table, she whips the boys ass cheeks hard with a wooden ruler.  This humiliation is not enough for the school mistress and she dons a strap-on dildo, and fucks the humiliated boy over the table.


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Kidnapped twink abused by soldiers

kidnapped twink in bondage

A kidnapped twink getting more abuse from his soldier captors is our set today from Gay Wargames.  We join young Carl as his torture session continues from the previous day.  Having been pissed on, beaten and humiliated, Carl is now tied to a wooden truss.  Naked and defencless the soldiers laugh as one gets out a leather flogger and lays into Carls ass, beating it hard until it is red raw and painful.  The twink is moaning like a girl for some mercy from the soldiers, but they aren’t finished yet.  Dragging the boy down from his bondage position, he is forced to the floor while the soldiers take it in turns to jerk off onto his face, drenching his face and hair in their cum.


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Young soldiers torture a twink

Young soldiers torture a twink

Two young soldiers are playing with their latest twink torture victim in our set today from Gay Wargames.  Young Marko is having a really bad day, having been dragged from his car and used as the soldiers sex slave for hours.  Stripped naked and tied to a table, Marko is forced to smell the soldiers smelly, sweaty socks as they rub their feet all over his face.  Forcing their stiff cocks into Markos mouth, the two soldiers get out a huge dildo.  After lubing up the dildo it is forced up markos tight ass making him scream and squirm with pain.  Deciding the real thing feels better, the soldiers take it in turns ramming their cocks up markos ass. 


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Twink water torture

gay twink kidnap and rape fantasy

A twink is kidnapped, subject to water torture and abuse today in our set from Gay Wargames.  Young Aleksandr is being held for ransom by the soldier thugs, and they decide to make him their sex toy while they wait.  Tied into a chair the boy is beaten and tortured for their amusement.  Blindfolding him, they take it in turns to force their stiff cocks into his defenceless mouth, unable to see, Aleksandr does not know where the pain is coming from next.  Stringing the boy up by his legs, the soldiers cane his ass mercilessly, pulling off his briefs and whipping the boys bare ass till he screams for mercy.  The soldiers tire of this and get a tub of water, dunking the boys head into the water, the soldiers laugh as he comes up gasping for air.  After this, he should be compliant enough to do anything they want.


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Student spanked by headmaster

school boy gets cane from headmaster

A school boy is getting a serious caning from his headmaster in our set today at Twink Academy.  Our young twink punishment victim is led into the headmasters study for some discipline.  Looking contrite and rather nervous with good reason, as he has been found looking at gay porn when he should have been studying.  The strict headmaster reaches round and undoes the boys belt buckel, before pulling his belt out and dropping the boys trousers.  Barea ss naked in the headmasters study, our boy is instructed to put his hands on the desk and bend over.  The headmaster then removes a long ruler from his desk for the punishment and starts beating the boys ass cheeks with it.  As the spanking continues, our boys tight ass is starting to look rosy red, but the headmaster spankes harder as he wants this to be a lesson the boy won’t forget.


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Rough dildo fuck for captured twink

kidnapped twink roughly dildo fucked

A twink is captured and roughly didlo fucked by young soldiers in our set today from Gay Wargames.  Marko has already endured lengthy torture sessions from the soldiers, and today they take him out to ge their play thing again.  Putting the twink in handcuffs, the soldier boys take it in turns stuffing their fat cocks down his throat making him gag till he is almost sick.  Holding his head tightly, they give Marko a rough face fucking to remember, driving their young cocks deep into his mouth.  Dragging him over to a table, the soldiers tie Markos hands and spread his pegs leaving his ass defenceless as they push and probe, sticking fingers up his tight butt.  As one of the soldiers face fucks Marko again, the other drags his legs apart and gets out a huge thick dildo and lubes it up ready.  Forcing the dildo deep into Markos ass we see his face wracked with pain as the dildo is rammed further in.  Markos humiliation is complete as the boys jerk their loads of cum onto his face, leaving him dazed with pain and embarassment, though his torture is not over yet.


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Naked twink humiliated by women

twink is humiliated a group of older women

A twink is humiliated by a group of women while out shopping with his mother today in our set from Clothed Female Naked Male.  18 year old Bobby is taken by his mother to the department store to sort our a faulty jock strap for college.  As Bobby is made to strip down to his underwear in front of the ladies, his cock is indeed bulging out of the side of the underwear.  All this female attention is also giving Bobby an unwanted erection that is both embarrasing and humiliating as the ladies giggle at him.  The women bend the boy over to check out his youthful little ass, and pull the jock strap down a little to see the boys growing erection.  Humiliating the boy even further, the older women decide to measure his cock, though with the ladies hands groping at his balls, the boy soon has an erection to be proud of.  Feeling sorry for the humiliated boy, whose hormones are clearly out of the control, one of the ladies takes Bobbys cock in her hands, and jerks him off till he shoots his load on the floor in front of all of them. 


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Twink is kidnapped, abused and humiliated

kidnapped and abused twinksboy bondage

A twink is kidnapped by soldiers, abused, pissed on and completely humiliated by a group of soldiers in todays set from Gay Wargames.  Slim twink cadet Carl has wandered into the grasp of our sex starved soldiers, which has proved to be a big mistake as he is tied up and has his clothes stripped from his body.  His mouth gagged with duct tape, Carl cannot complain as he is manhandled onto the sofa, and his legs lifted in the air for the soldiers to inspect his tight hole for fucking potential.  It seems they want to violate the boys mouth first, so he is is hoisted into the air, and hung with his mouth at cock level before having the soldiers cocks fed into his mouth one by one.  Grabbing his ass and face fucking the upside down boy is just making the soldiers even more horny, so they humiliate the boy further by forcing him to sniff their boots.  Sniffing their smelly boots makes our boy complain a bit, so they quieten him down with a sound thrashing, using a belt on his bare bum.  The belt thrashing complete, they put him on a table to be fed a succesion of more cocks, as the horny soldiers use and abuse the boy.  With his hands tied behind his back, the soldiers then take it in turns to piss on the sorry twink, before finishing this session with a foot thrashing.


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