Skinny twink gets a spanking

skinny boy is spanked

A smooth skinny twink is getting his bum spanked in our set today from Ton Online.  We join Ton as he is tied up with yellow rope and face down on the bed with his inviting little ass in the air ready to receive a sound spanking.  The master starts off with a white plastic shoe horn, bringing it down on Tons defenceless young ass for one stinging swipe after another.  The boy yelps and squirms as the strokes get harder, but there is no escape from the punishment.  The master pulls away to let us see how the boys ass cheeks are now glowing a healthy painful red.  Needing to inflict more pain on his victim, the master puts Ton on his back with his legs in the air, and aims some painful storkes on his ass, cock and balls.  Finally the master wants to get a feel of that ass with his hands, and puts the boy over his knee for a traditional hand spanking.


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Football twink abused by army guys

football twink abused by army guys

A young footballing twink is grabbed by soldiers, handcuffed and face fucked in our set today from Gay Wargames.  Cute young twink Yanni was playing football before being grabbed for use as a sex toy by the officers.  The boy is handcuffed and roughly abused by the soldiers before being stripped.  Putting the boy over his knee, the officer spanks his ass to instill a bit of much needed discipline in the boy, and to show him that refusing the soldiers sexual demands is futile.  After jamming his face into his bulge, the officer unzips and forces the boys mouth onto his cock, driving it deep into the boys throat making him gag.  The boy is then grabbed by the other officer who skull fucks him before turning him over, spreading his cheeks and inspecting his tight ass for fucking potential…it will be a long day for this young twink.


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Jeff Sterne spanks and whips a twink

Jeff Sterne bare bum spanking a twink

Jeff Sterne uses his hands and a riding crop to spank this twink over the knee in our set today from Spank This.  We join them as young Keith is in Jeff Sternes room for some discipline and punishment after playing up in his music lesson.  The hapless young twink is ordered to kneel and bend over Jeffs knee in order to receive his spanking.  Jeff starts off with his bare hands before pulling the boys jeans down and spanking through the boys girly pink underwear.  As the youngs twinks cute ass cheeks go a glowing red colour, Jeff ups the pace by getting out a leather riding crop to whip the boy with.  Laying into the young twink with the riding crop, Jeff extracts squeals of pain .  Rubbing the leather crop over the boys ass crack, and tickling his balls, Jeff Sterne aims the occasional swipe at his bottom, so he never knows when the next pain is coming from.


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Cute twink Ton spanked and whipped

twinks getting spanked

Cute twink Ton is getting his tight ass spanked and whipped in our set today from Boy Fetish Central.  This smooth sweet twink gets his ass spanked red raw as the master uses a table tennis bat and a paddle on him.  Tied to the wooden planks of a bed with rope, the young twink is spread out for any punishment his master chooses.  Blindfolded, this young twink doesn’t know where the next blow is coming from.  As ton squeals and squirms his firm round ass takes a thorough pounding.


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Twink spanked with tawse by Sebastian Kain

twink getting his ass spanked

A twink getting his ass spanked with hand tawse and cane is our set today from Boynapped.  Seth Roberts is back in the boynapped stable in time to get his ass beaten by Sebastian Kain.  Always in need of some discipline, Seth is already bent over touching his toes as we join the pair.  Sebastian pulls Seths pants down, uncovring his smooth round ass redy to take a spanking.  The boy yelps as Sebastian starts off spanking his bare ass by hand, and screams even louder when Sebastian switches to the leather tawse.  Wanting to finish things off with more extreme pain, Sebastain changes to whipping the boys bare ass with a cane before forcing him to jerk himself off in front of everyone, a complete humiliation.

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Twinks spanked by headmaster

twinks get a classroom spanking

Three twinks get a bare bum spanking in the classroom in our set today from Spank This.  Cute young twink Skyelr and Kyle are in trouble again, and principal wood is in no mood to takes things easy on the boys.  Lining them up against the desk, he sizes up their cute asses before pulling their pants down.  The other twink is sniggering in the corner, so he gets some punishment first as the headmaster pulls down his pants and slippers the twinks ass leaving it rosy red and sore.  Returning to the twinks on the desk, he uses one hand for each ass, spanking their bare bottoms hard and fast, leaving them yelping with pain.


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Twink is kidnapped and face fucked by soldiers

kidnapped twink is abused and face fucked by soldiers

A young twink is kidnapped, abused and face fucked by soldiers in our set today from Gay Wargames.  Young twink Sebastian is on a bus tour of europe, his bus is stopped by a group of horny young soldiers who decide that the skinny boy will make a good target for their pent up lust.  The soldiers roughly strip the clothes from the boy in the back of the van, and drag his pants off before tieing his hands, and beating his ass with a leather belt.  The boy cries out in pain as the soldiers whip his twink ass very hard.  They then drag the boy out of the van, and push him to the floor.  As the soldiers start stroking their hardening cocks, the young twink knows that he is going to be swallowing a lot of spunk today.  They take it in turns grabbing the boys head and fucking his skull, driving their hard cocks deep into his throat making him gag.  It is going to be a long day for this young twink.


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A hard bare bum spanking for a twink

twinks being spanked hard by older guys

A twink getting his cute little bum spanked hard by an older guy is our set today from Spank This.  One the spank this twinks is dressed only in a t-shirt, jeans and a cute jock strap that shows off his little ass perfectly.  It is clearly raising the interest of the spanker, who lays into the boys behind with a stinging venom, here is a guy who enjoys his work.  As the older guy gets to work, he starts pulling down the boys jeans, leaving his ass sticking out and vulnerable, just waiting there for another smack. The boy starts to groan as the painful spanking continues, his ass glowing redder by the second.

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Bondage twink tortured and fucked

Twink in bondage fucked

We are at Bound Gods today to see a cute young twink put in bondage, spanked and then fucked hard.  Young twink Ethan Storm is todays sex toy for Scott Tanner.  Scott grapples the young twink into his punishment room and puts him in bondage before inflicting a heavy whipping on the boys buttocks.  The pain is forcing Ethan into submission, and Scott then puts a spider gag onto the boys face, leaving his mouth wide open for Scott to ram his cock into the boys throat, fucking his face hard.  Scott then ties the boy on his back with rope before stretching his ass with a big glass dildo.  Once the boys tight twink ass is loosened up a bit, Scott pushes his legs back and force fucks the boys defenceless bum hard until he pulls out and spurts his load of cum on the humiliated boys face.


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Luke Desmond tied up and flogged by Sebastian Kain

twink tied up and flogged by older guy

A twink is tied up and flogged by Sebastian Kain in our set today from Boynapped.  Smooth young twink Luke Desmond is in the Boynapped punishment dungeon for the Sebastain Kain treatment again.  He is suspended from the ceiling and his legs tied to a spreader bar before the punishment begins.  Sebastian Kain starts off with a heavy black leather flogger and lays in the boy with some very hard strokes.  Luke still cries out for more punishment as his taught muscles fight against the restraints.  Sebastian Kain is no content with the flogging and oils the boy up for a long slow agonising hard hand job.  His young cock now hard as rock, Luke endures it until finally he is allowed to cum with Sebastian flicking his tongue over the head of the boys cock and taking the teenagers load into his mouth.


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