Fetish Twinks provides your daily hit of all the kinky things that our gay fetish loving twinks
                  love to get up to with each other. With gay bondage, spanking, piss play and master and slave
                  high on the list, these cute guys are equally happy with a good dildo or foot licking session.


Skinny twink gets a spanking

skinny boy is spanked

A smooth skinny twink is getting his bum spanked in our set today from Ton Online.  We join Ton as he is tied up with yellow rope and face down on the bed with his inviting little ass in the air ready to receive a sound spanking.  The master starts off with a white plastic shoe horn, bringing it down on Tons defenceless young ass for one stinging swipe after another.  The boy yelps and squirms as the strokes get harder, but there is no escape from the punishment.  The master pulls away to let us see how the boys ass cheeks are now glowing a healthy painful red.  Needing to inflict more pain on his victim, the master puts Ton on his back with his legs in the air, and aims some painful storkes on his ass, cock and balls.  Finally the master wants to get a feel of that ass with his hands, and puts the boy over his knee for a traditional hand spanking.


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Twink in bondage fucked very hard

boy in bondage fucked very hard

A boy is suspended in bondage and fucked very hard in our set today from Boynapped.  Young Tony Parker is looking for a twink to abuse, and ramming his 8 inch cock into boy next door Kenzie Madison is just his thing.  Putting the boy in bondage with one leg tied up high, Tony leaves young Kenzies tight twink ass in the perfect position for a very hard fucking.  Tony runs his hands over Kenzies tight abs, abusing his body as he sees fit, as his cock gets hard and harder.  His 8 inches looks ready to fuck anythign as he lubes up Kenzies hole and pushes his cock inside the boy.  Kenzie then takes the ass pounding of his life, with the pain of the huge cock ramming his tight hole written all over his face as he squirms and fights to get away from the anal abuse he is suffering.  FInally Tony cums , and leaves Kenzies exhausted, spent and dribbling with cum.


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Bondage twink gets spit roasted

Bondage twink gets spit roasted while suspended with rope

A spit roasted twink, tied up suspended and fed cum is our set today from Brutal tops.  We join the trio as there twink sex toy is being put in rope bondage and suspended from the ceiling.  With his hands tied behind his back, the boy is defencless against the abuse of the hard masters.  Grabbing his head roughly, Jon forces his cock into the boys mouth, making him gag on the huge cock as it drives deep down into his throat.  Maurice has fucking on his mind as he fingers the boys tight ass, loosening the twink up for a hard spit roasting.  Forcing his cock into the boy, he is getting fucked from both ends as he dangles helplessly.  The hard tops, send the boy spinning as the assault on both ends continues.  Pulling out, the boys jerk themselves off into the boys mouth, making him drink their cum, before leaving him suspended, alone with his face dripping with jizz.


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Football twink abused by army guys

football twink abused by army guys

A young footballing twink is grabbed by soldiers, handcuffed and face fucked in our set today from Gay Wargames.  Cute young twink Yanni was playing football before being grabbed for use as a sex toy by the officers.  The boy is handcuffed and roughly abused by the soldiers before being stripped.  Putting the boy over his knee, the officer spanks his ass to instill a bit of much needed discipline in the boy, and to show him that refusing the soldiers sexual demands is futile.  After jamming his face into his bulge, the officer unzips and forces the boys mouth onto his cock, driving it deep into the boys throat making him gag.  The boy is then grabbed by the other officer who skull fucks him before turning him over, spreading his cheeks and inspecting his tight ass for fucking potential…it will be a long day for this young twink.


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Twink suspended and fucked

twink tied up and fucked

A twink is tied up, hung from the ceiling and fucked in our set today from Boynapped.  Young Luke Ryan is labourer and he is desperate for cash, so he has subjected himself for the boynapped treatment with Luke Desmond standing in for Sebastain Kain.  Tied up and suspended from the ceiling, Luke gets out a leather riding crop and starts whipping the boy.  Humiliated, Luke won’t stop the thrashing until the boy begs for more. The young master whips the boys ass till it is red and sore, but won’t stop until his humiliation is complete.   Luke finally unzips his trousers and gets out his nine inch cock, and fucks the helpless slave.  The boy screams and moans as Luke rams his massive cock up the defencless boys hole, but the punishment is not over yet for this twink.


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College boys in the medical room

college boys get a medical exam from the doctor

Cute twinks Justin and Jacob are in the office to make a sperm donation in our set today from College Boys Physicals.  It seems the session on the sperm donor project has been double booked, so the doctor leaves these two alone expected them to help each other out making their donations.  After undressing and swapping notes on how best to go about it, it seems that Jacob has some porn on his phone, though not the type that Justin was expecting.  The two horny boys decide that sperm donation could be fun, and as Justin clamps his mouth around Jacobs cock, it looks like they may struggle to save any sperm for the doctor.


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Foot fetish boys fucking

foot fetish boys fucking

Two foot fetish boys give each other a foot job before fucking in our photo set today from Toegasms.  We join the cute twink foot fetish fanatics as they are relaxing on the settee taking each others clothes off.  Jerry and Michael do have a thing for toe sucking, and Michael starts off licking jerrys feet sticking his tongue between each toe and giving Jerry a stiffening cock.  Jerry returns the favour, driving Michael wild by just flicking his tongue over the end of the boys cock.  Michael decides that the only way to deal with his rock hard cock is to fuck Jerry, and after flicking him on his back with his legs in the air, pushes his cock up the boys tight ass licking his feet all the while.  Jerry knows how to get this foot fetish boy off, and gives him a foot job to remember, Michael shoots his load of cum all over the soles of Jerrys feet.


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Twink abused with fucking machine

twink with his ass being machine fucked

A twink gets his tight ass fucked with a fucking machine and is whipped and abused in our photo set today from Straight Hell.  We join the first part of young Carls punishment as he is taken from the street by the brutal master.  Gagging they boy, the master tears at his clothes leaving him naked an vulnerable.  Tieing the boy up, master applied nipples clamps to both of Carls nipples, and amuses himself with the boys pain as he pulls cruelly on the clamps.   Master then gets out a wooden cane and cane the boys ass for all he is worth. Now gagged, the boy can only groan through the gag and squirm as his ass is beaten hard.  Once the master has had enough of whipping his slave boy, he brings out a fucking machine with a huge dildo on the end.  The boys eyes go wide as he sees what is about to impale his little hole, but cannot defend his ass as master pushes the machine between his cheeks and turns it on.  After pounding the boys hole with the machine the master makes it clear that his day as a sex toy are not over yet.


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Straight boy in bondage by Sebastian Kain

straight boy bondage with Sebastian Kain

A straight boy in bondage, abused by Sebastian Kain is our photo set today from Boynapped.  Cute young straight boy Toby Tate is in the Boynapped punishment dungeon for the treatment, and Sebastian has him tied to a wooden ladder with duct tape.  The boy is gagged as well to keep the screaming to a minimum, and he certainly looks nervous as Sebastian Kain starts tearing his clothes off.  Able only to groan, the boy wriggles as Sebastian moves down to his cock, teasing and stroking it until, against the boys wishes it gets rock hard.  Young toby clearly enjoys being used like a toy as his cock is straining throughout.  Sebastian finally climbs up the ladder and jerks himself off on the boys face leaving him dripping with cum.


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Cock and ball torture for Ton

cock and ball torture for cbt twink

A cute twink is put through a session of cock and ball torture in our set today from Ton Online.  Sweet young twink Ton is in the chair waiting nervously as his master approaches with some shoe laces.  It looks like some cbt is on his mind as he ties Tons cock amking it bulge and go purple as the young lad can’t help his cock going stiff.  His balls are tied up tightly away from his cock, and the master makes him groan in pain as he pinches Tons balls hard.  Pushing him back in the chair, the master pulls Tons tight hole wide.  His cock  now stiff and his balls tight to bursting point, Ton is allowed to jerk himself off over his stomach.


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